Reliable and Innovative Gas Safety Systems
Product Code: PW-0033-B

Sigma MOD LCD Control Unit Module

Sigma MOD LCD Control Unit Module

The Control Unit Module Sigma MOD LCD is a component of the Gas Safety System Sigma Gas. The module’s functions include: communication with gas detectors, control of visual and sound indicators by means of contact outputs, transmission of the status of the gas monitoring network to other external systems via both its RS-485 digital link and contact outputs, display of system status to the operator by means of visual indicators and an integrated buzzer, and operator inputs for the control of the gas monitoring network, including, binary inputs and the RS-485 digital link. This device is also responsible for the parametrization and execution of operator commands.

Key functionalities:

  • handling up to 32 gas detectors,
  • 8 relay outputs,
  • 4 binary inputs,
  • presentation of the gas detectors status (operation, exceeding the thresholds, its special
  • conditions and diagnostic status),
  • presentation of historical states (exceeding the thresholds, failures),
  • control of the entire system operation.

The control unit module is designed to collaborate with:

  • Line 4.0 Gas Detectors,
  • Control Unit Module Sigma MOD DRV,
  • other devices compatible with the built-in input-output interfaces.