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Product Code: PW-122-CSAI4-X

Signal Converter CNVS 4

Signal Converter CNVS 4

The Signal Converter CNVE 4/CNVS 4 is designed as a component of a Gas Safety System and is intended for operation under harsh environmental conditions of industrial plants with a broad range of ambient parameter variations (high temperatures, presence of corrosive gases, hazardous vapours, moisture and dust).

The signal converter is not an independent device, it must be combined with a measuring instrument to make up a typical gas detector. Key advantages of this device is remote operations - an external detectors can be installed far away from the converter at a poorly accessible location.

An important feature is also non-invasive calibration and configuration – calibration of the converter and setting of its parameters can be carried out with no need to open the converter enclosure or to shut down any other components of the Gas Safety System.


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