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Product Code: PW-089-X

Warning LED Tower with Sounder LTT4

Warning LED Tower with Sounder LTT4

Warning LED Tower with Sounder LTT4 is a device dedicated to optical and acoustic signaling of the presence of hazards in the particular industrial installation.

The LLT4 Warning LED Tower with Sounder includes four light modules with mutually independent configuration and control furnished with extremely bright LEDs as well as one audial module (siren) with remotely controlled intensity of produced sound. Owing to such a design the LLT4 unit is a multi-purpose device since it is suitable for a large number of applications, e.g. to warn about specific events in various systems for gas safety, to raise alarms under emergency conditions or other safety infringements in industrial facilities.

Main features of the device:

  • four lights segments, available in 5 different colours. Segment could be 2-coloured
  • continuous / intermittent (blinking) signalling,
  • flash light in red or yellow,
  • acoustic signaller:
    • one level of sound intensity (type PW-089-C),
    • two level's of sound intensity (type PW-089-S, PW-089-M),
  • signalling up to four different alarm levels, with communicating the proper operational state (no failures) by the green colour,
  • connections and control by on/off signals or by RS-485 (Modbus / Sigma BUS),
  • installer friendly. Mistakes and errors in connections does not result in device damage),
  • device can also easily communicate a proper operation of the connected (controlling) devices, including connection / control lines (type PW-089-S and PW-089-M).