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Product Code: PW-123-H2

Gas Detector Teta EcoH

Gas Detector Teta EcoH

Teta EcoH is an addressable Gas Detector for sensing hydrogen (H2) concentrations, designed as part of Teta Gas - Gas Safety System. The device performs cyc­lical measurements of gas concentration in the air, then the information on correct operation or exceeding the set thresholds is transmitted to the user by controls flashing on the detector. Communication between the detector and the compatible Control Unit takes place through power supply and signalling bus Teta Bus. The system is designed as installer-friendly – it allows any order of wires during connection of power supply and data bus. 

Key features and functions:

  • Unique addressing of each device – The Teta Gas System offers easy and clear assignment and verification of addresses associated with every single Teta EcoH detector. The Control Unit provides information about each individual detector separately for every single device.


  • Two-wired bus – Both power voltage and data signals are transmitted via a single and commonly available two-wired cable, e.g. of YDY type – no twisted-pair lines, shielding screens, etc.


  • Catalytic sensors – Catalytic sensors applied to measure concentration of Hazardous Gases guarantee reliable control for ventilation systems and alarms that warn about possibility of fires or explosions. The sensors are insensitive to moisture, temperature variations or presence of other gases.