Reliable and Innovative Gas Safety Systems
Product Code: PW-100-NG

Gas Detector Alpa EcoTerm XT

Gas Detector Alpa EcoTerm XT

The Alpa EcoTerm XT Gas Detector is an advanced and versatile device designed for detection of methane concentration in public access facilities, such as boiler houses and industrial halls. Presence of the hazardous gas is revealed by means of a catalytic sensor, which guarantees reliable operation of the device without false alarms and, in consequence, smooth operation of the gas detection system deployed on the monitored facilities.

The detectors are immune to humidity, variations of ambient temperature and presence of other gases. The device measures concentration of methane within established time intervals and information about exceeding of permissible thresholds it provided to the system operator when the high-power LED indicator provided in the bottom part of the device is on. Such a solutions enables reliable identification of the detector status from the distance even up to several meters.

The communication between the detector and the master Control Unit is provided by the 4 – 20 mA output signal.

The Alpa EcoTerm XT Gas Detector is not designed for installation in areas with potentially explosive atmospheres.