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Product Code: PW-061-A

Sigma CNV ALHEAD (Ex) Signal Converter

Sigma CNV ALHEAD (Ex) Signal Converter

Signal Converter Sigma CNV ALHEAD is a device designed as part of the gas detection system Sigma Gas for the adaptation signal provided by Gas Sensing Probe Alhead 4 to Sigma Gas system. The signal converter is intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres.

Main features

  • converting Alhead 4 signal into Sigma Gas standard; the device reads the signal value provided by Alhead 4 and treats it as built-in sensor. Thanks to that it is possible using Alhead 4 as typical Sigma type gas detector,
  • a wide operating temperature range,
  • with or without local display,
  • enclosure options: aluminium alloy / stainless steel.

Basic functionalities

  • integration with other devices in the Sigma Gas gas detection system,
  • parametrization without using mechanical parts,
  • auto-diagnostic function,
  • storing parameters such as CAS substance number, location name, serial number, time between mandatory calibrations etc. in the device's memory.