Reliable and Innovative Gas Safety Systems
Product Code: PW-023-A

Control Unit Module Alpa MOD LED1

Control Unit Module Alpa MOD LED1

The Control Unit Module Alpa MOD LED1 is a single-channel control device designed for operation at facilities with a risk of hazardous gases presence, for instance toxic gases (CO, NOx), flammable gases (CH4, LPG) or any other gases that can be monitored by means of appropriate detectors. The complete system is made up of measuring (threshold) detectors, a power adapter, audial and visual signal towers (stacklights), additional warning boards to produce audial and visual warning and alarm signals as well as a control unit that is responsible for the following issues: analysis of signals received from detectors, dissemination of warning and alarm signals, monitoring and troubleshooting of the system.

Operation of the Control Unit Module consists in continuous execution of a control loop that comprises readouts of signals from gas detectors and scanning of the detectors to check their operation soundness.

Depending on the scanning results the following statuses of the system can be distinguished:


Device configuration: