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Product Code: PW-044-X

Gas Detector Sigma SmArt

Gas Detector Sigma SmArt

Device withdrawn from production

Gas Detector Sigma SmArt is a stationary device, designed to measure, monitor and detect dangerous levels of toxic or flammable gases or oxygen in the ambient atmosphere. Sigma SmArt is designed as part of the gas safety system Sigma Gas. The device measures the concentration of a given component, and then converts it to electric signal compatible with other devices of the gas safety system. In addition to the measurement, the detector analyses the value of the measured concentration and may provide information about Alarms. Detector is a self-diagnostic device – and in the case of detection of malfunctions, it informs the user about it.

Main features

  • variety of detected gases and vapours,
  • a wide operating temperature range,
  • ability to perform with a local LCD / FLED display.,
  • optional versions of the housing: aluminum or acid resistant steel.

Basic functionalities

  • integration with other devices in the Sigma Gas  gas detection system,
  • non-invasive calibration and configuration  –  the detector can be calibrated and parametrized  (e.g. values of alarm thresholds) in Ex zones without opening the detector's enclosure or  disabling other parts of the Gas Detection System,
  • parametrization and calibration without using mechanical parts,
  • digital  compensation of the ambient temperature influence,
  • auto-diagnostic function,
  • storing parameters such as CAS  substance number, location name, serial number, time  between mandatory calibrations etc. in the detector's memory.


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