Reliable and Innovative Gas Safety Systems

* Sigma Gas System

* Sigma Gas System

Transparency and reliability of gas hazard communication

Sigma Gas system is a unique combination of functionalities of devices such as:

Together, they create a complex and integrated “Gas Safety System” for any industrial installations e.g. refineries, power plants, gas compressor stations, food industry and others in which hazardous volatile substances may occur.

The crowning feature of Sigma Gas system is the “Green Light Philosophy” – GASOK message – consistently supported by each of the system components. In practice, it is realised through implementation of the set of our FACTS (“Functional Aspects of Construction and Technology”).


1. Advantages of the Sigma Gas system for industry, based on a single-zone Sigma Control L Control Unit.

2. Advantages of the Sigma Gas system for industry, based on a Multi-zone control unit.


You can read more about the Sigma Gas system in our dedicated brochure:

You will learn how the devices in the Sigma Gas system work, what is the role of the GASOK functionality supported by the FLED display, in the video below.