Reliable and Innovative Gas Safety Systems
Product Code: PW-079-A

Control Unit Module MOD SEP 2

Control Unit Module MOD SEP 2

Industrial systems widely use communication systems based on the RS-485 transmission standard. The serial nature of the RS-485 bus networks is the reason that a critical failure at any location of the network may disable communication within the entire system. Since Gas Safety Systems are very sensitive to perfect efficiency of communication, even potential, critical or probable failures of data bus lines may be really hazardous to safe operation of the system. It is why application of devices capable of isolating any defective fragment of the network, such as MOD SEP 2 modules, is beneficial and efficient.

  • Galvanic separation and extension of data transmission lines (above 1200 m).
  • Information about status of the device operation by means of optic indicators (power, transmission).
  • Communication with other remote equipment provided with the RS-485 interface.
  • Transmission secured against voltage surges on RS-485 transmission lines.
  • Protection of the device against voltage surges and short circuit faults.
  • Transmission rates from 4,800 up to 115,200 bauds.
  • Galvanic separation of internal circuits.
  • Internal termination of transmission lines and pull-up resistors.

Operation principle

Application of MOD SEP 2 enables galvanic separation between BUS1 and BUS2 data bus sections. In addition, the device enables isolation of a data bus section with a defective device connected to it. For instance, if a number of appliances are connected to a serial data bus, a failure of any of these device normally disables communication down the entire data bus. Installation of MOD SEP 2 units enables copping of the bus into individual sections and makes it possible to isolate only a single section of the bus when a device connected to that bus section is failed, with undisturbed communication down the remaining part of the data bus. After the defect disappears or is remedied, the MOD SEP 2 unit is again transparent for signals transmitted down the serial bus.