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Product Code: PW-127-X

Warning LED Display TOLED

Warning LED Display TOLED

Perfectly legible and visible information about hazards owing to TOLED Warning LED Display– the most advanced solution offered by Atest Gaz!

TOLED Warning LED Display are addressable warning boards designed to display legible and visible information about possible gas hazards and intended for application in public facilities, such as underground car parks or parking spaces. When the warning system is defective no information about possible hazard is broadcasted to users of endangered areas, which exposes potential users of safeguarded facilities to extreme hazard. Thus, messages displayed in such boards must be legible and disseminated reliable regardless of possible defects.

TOLED Warning LED Display of Teta design option make up a perfect supplement to the Gas Safety System Teta Gas – nowadays it is the only one solution available on the Polish market that meets the fault tolerance criteria, since in case of any malfunctioning of field wiring or a hardware defect of the field messaging device the control unit informs operators about the fault. That exceptional functionality is achieved owing to bidirectional digital communication system Teta BUS, where a single pair of wires is used both for power supply and for addressable data transmission to and from message boards and gas detector, hence the status of connections is fully monitored by a control unit.

Other advantages of TOLED Warning LED Display include:

  • three design options available for customers:
    • power supply and control from the Teta BUS communication system,
    • control by means of a contactor signal /power supply 15 – 50 V DC,
    • control by means of a contactor signal /power supply 230 V AC,
  • backlighted message flashing with the frequency of 1 Hz,
  • optional sound signal (siren) automatically activated upon detection of a gas hazard,
  • customized text of warning messages,
  • possible indoor and outdoor mounting – index of protection as high as IP43.