Reliable and Innovative Gas Safety Systems
Product Code: PW-115-X

Gas Detector Sigma ProGas SF6/RX

Gas Detector Sigma ProGas SF6/RX

Device withdrawn from production

Currently, a new ProGas 4 sensor is intended for the detection of SF6 and Rx.

The Sigma Progas SF6/Rx gas detector of is designed to monitor concentration of such gases as:

  • sulfur hexafluoride (SF6), which is a synthetic gas with broad application in electric engineering and at metallurgical smelters involved in production of magnesium and aluminium. SF6 is a very durable gas with long-lasting presence in atmosphere and contributes to formation of greenhouse gases. Because of the aforementioned reasons as well as due to very high cost of its production the need to detect constant presence of that gas in industrial atmospheres has become really crucial.,
  • F-gases (Rx) are compounds of fluoride, chloride and carbon and are used predominantly for production of aerosols to enable spraying cosmetics or extinguishing agents as well as for cooling and refrigerating devices. Since such compounds are really hazardous with suffocating and poisoning effect even small amounts of these products must be reliably detected with high accuracy.

On the contrary to the most popular solutions, these gas detectors are furnished with IR sensor and offer high
dependability and accuracy of measurements combined with pretty low cost of installation and operation.