Reliable and Innovative Gas Safety Systems
Product Code: PW-091-X

Warning LED Tower with Sounder LTT2

Warning LED Tower with Sounder LTT2

Warning LED Tower with Sounder LTT2 is a device dedicated to optical and acoustic signalling of the presence of hazards in the particular industrial installation.

Device can be installed in Zone 2 (II3G 3D) of gas hazardous areas.

Main features of the device:

  • two light segments, available in 5 different colours. Segment could be 2-coloured,
  • continuous / intermittent (blinking) signalling,
  • flash light in red or yellow,
  • acoustic signaller:
    • one level of sound intensity (type PW-091-C),
    • two level's of sound intensity (type PW-091-S, PW-091-M),
  • signalling up to two different alarm levels, with communicating the proper operational state (no failures) by the green colour,
  • connections and control by on/off signals or by RS-485 (Modbus),
  • installer friendly. Mistakes and errors in connections does not result in device damage,
  • device can also easily communicate a proper operation of the connected (controlling) devices, including connection / control lines (type PW-091-S and PW-091-M).