Reliable and Innovative Gas Safety Systems

About us

Atest Gaz is the leading Polish producer of innovative and reliable gas detection and safety systems and a renowned reference centre in the aforementioned scope, which, through provided services, wide knowledge, long-term experience, and advanced technology, works to ensure full safety for people, property, and environment.

In our daily activity we concentrate on measuring the composition of gases, monitoring and detection of hazardous concentrations.

Our specialty are innovative Gas Detection & Safety Systems providing reliable information on gas hazards or their absence. In other words, systems which ensure the sense of safety when everything is ok and effectively warn in case of hazard.

The mission of Atest Gaz is to ensure our Customers and Users all the comfort resulting from the sense of human life and health safety as well as protection of property and environment from hazards associated with dangerous gases.

The strength of our brand results from everyday work of a qualified and experienced team of specialists – enthusiasts, but also from a multidirectional experience, an access to international know-how, and perfectly developed research and design facilities. As a result, Atest Gaz may offer unique, technologically advanced, innovative, and reliable products, solutions and systems that comprehensively and completely satisfy the individual needs of Clients of both the industrial and civil engineering  sector (HVAC).


Our competences

Our team is composed of educated and ambitious people - we are the best specialists in our field - this is why we put emphasis on extending and updating our knowledge, on development and innovations, so that we could meet the demands of our Customers and developing market.
In addition to our standard products, we are open and ready to tailor our offer to the individual Customer needs. We do our best to understand these needs before we present optimum solutions. Our Customers can always rely on us when it comes to advice on the selection and operation of products and systems. We apply high standards of professionalism and responsibility for our activities - we understand that we address the greatest value – the safety of people, property and the natural environment. Therefore, we simply cannot allow a slightest mistake.
Our competences are built on cooperation with many academic centres and foreign companies, which help us to continuously improve the standard of our services.
Our competences :
  • Sensor technologies in gas detection, including optoelectronics
  • Metrology of gas detection systems Industrial safety
  • Digital technologies, digital processing systems
  • Software development
  • Regulations and technical standards
  • Functional safety of embedded systems (software and hardware)
  • ATEX directive



Our projects are managed in accordance with principles based on PRINCE2 methodology.

In addition we have implemented :

  • ISO 9001 and EN 80079-34 standars for ATEX production,
  • content management and documentation systems : DMS, IBM Doors, BPMN i UML.


Our history

Atest Gaz was established by Mr Zygmunt Pachole in Borzęcin, Poland in 1973, as a company specializing in gas heating technology.  In 1992, a branch of Atest-Gaz called the Measurements and Automation Laboratory was created in Gliwice, Poland. The branch was managed by Aleksander (the son of Zygmunt Pachole) and his wife, Małgorzata - current owners of the Company. The Laboratory dealt with electronic control and safety systems for heating equipment, but after  the Company was transformed in 1996 to an independent entity called “Atest Gaz Automation and Electronics  Lab”, it began to specialise in the systems for detection of combustible and toxic gases. Since 2008, the Company has been operating as „ general partnership” Atest Gaz A. M. Pachole  From the beginning, the owners of Atest-Gaz  relied on knowledge, competence, high quality, innovation and investments in state-of-the- art technologies.


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