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* Line 4.0 Gas Detectors

* Line 4.0 Gas Detectors


Line 4.0 Gas Detector

Linie 4.0 Gas Detectors (SmArtGas 4ReAct 4ProGas 4) are devices with the most extensive functionalities available in our company's offer. These sensors have a completely new hardware platform based on a modern and efficient 32-bit microcontroller, thanks to which it was possible to implement a number of new, user-friendly functionalities, including:

  • wireless communication enables extremely easy maintenance and remote calibration of field detectors deployed in the facility,
  • detectors can be equipped with a most advanced measuring head that is on outcome of more than three years of research and development efforts and offers anhanced performance and response time. Owing to that innovative solution the detectors furnished with catalytic bead (pellistor) sensors are able to achieve the response time (T90) at the level of 13 seconds for methane and about 9 seconds for hydrogen gases, 
  • smart system for correction of a long-term sensor drift "IDCs",
  • index of protection (IP) at the level of IP67 thanks to additional protection of measuring components against impacts of harsh working environment (water, dust) by means of additional teflon membrane, 
  • solutions provided to heat the gas sensor enable users to get rid of adverse effects caused by condensation of steam on it.

Gas detectors of the 4.0 product line can be operated either as components of the Gas Safety System Sigma Gas or as stand-alone devices that can be integrated with supervising systems of plant automation (e.g. by means of PLC signals 4...20mA, RS-485 serial transmission line or actuating relays).

Gas Detector Configurator

In order to make your work easier while choosing the right Gas Detectors for the designed Gas Detection and Safety System, we have created a unique electronic configurator.

Thanks to it you will be able to:

  • Select the appropriate gas detector (SmArtGas 4ProGas 4 or ReAct 4) and its functionality.
  • Select the appropriate sensor (measuring range, temperature range).
  • Specify clearly the product code on the basis of which you can place an order

We hope that the presented solution will prove to be a great tool in your everyday work!

Line 4.0 Gas Detectors Configuration →  


We invite you to watch the movie, where we present the possibilities of gas sensors from line 4.0.