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Stationary Gas Safety Systems have been widely used for many years in public utility and industrial facilities to protect people, property and the environment against gas hazards. The presence of hazardous gases in the surrounding atmosphere concerns not only trained personnel of highly specialized industrial plants, but also unprepared or particularly sensitive people, such as children, pregnant women and the elderly.

In our opinion, both of the above groups require equally high protection and attention as well as reliability on the part of persons responsible for the safe operation of technical systems. The solutions that we develop are reliable and innovative, and additionally have implemented functionalities that are unheard of in existing solutions.

Atest Gaz has been operating on the general construction market from the very beginning of its activity. We offer two product lines for gas detection, both in the area of ​​heating and ventilation: Alpa Gas XT and Teta Gas.



System Teta Gas System

Teta Gas system is a modern Gas Detection System that uses Digital Data Transfer – Teta BUS, which via a single pair of cables, allows for both supply and addressable communication with the gas detectors. It is intended to provide security of public utility, civil engineering and residential facilities (underground garages, boiler rooms or halls heated with radiators) and protect people staying at such facilities from dangerous gas hazards– CH4 or toxic CO/ NO2.

Teta Gas also provides protection against flammable gases from LPG installations in cars or H2 in battery charging rooms - (Teta EcoH - New!).


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System Alpa Gas XT

The Alpa Gas XT system is designed to protect public utility facilities such as underground garages, halls heated with radiators and gas boiler rooms. It provides protection for people staying in them against highly poisonous gases, such as carbon monoxide or nitrogen oxide, and against flammable gases from LPG systems in cars or methane from heating systems. It allows for 3-stage detection.

The system communicates in the 4-20 mA standard.

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Gas Detector Teta EcoH

Gas Detector Teta EcoH

Teta EcoH Gas Detectors are monitoring devices designed to check hydrogen concentration in open-access confined spaces e.g.battery rooms - designed as part of  Teta Gas - Gas Safety System.

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Teta MOD Control 1 Control Unit Module

Teta MOD Control 1 Control Unit Module

Teta MOD Control 1 is responsible for communication with Teta Gas detectors, processing field signals, indication of the system status for the operator as well as overall control of the system operation.

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Warning Beacon with Sounder Teta SZOA

Warning Beacon with Sounder Teta SZOA

The Teta SZOA Warning Beacon with Sounder is a device designed to indicate alarms and capable of collaborating with Teta MOD Control 1 Control Unit manufactured by Atest Gaz.

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