Reliable and Innovative Gas Safety Systems
Product Code: PW-075-A

Control Unit Sigma Control H

Control Unit Sigma Control H

Sigma Control H is an advanced Control Unit dedicated to large and/or complex gas detection systems. It is intended to control all the devices connected to it and to integrate them into one Sigma Gas system.

Its property is to provide two unique, clear and consistent perspectives of data presentation:

  • System perspective:

Sigma Control H  (similar  to  other  Sigma Gas  system control  units)  implements  a  unique  System  State Indicator which  enables  an  unambiguous  and immediate  evaluation  of  the  entire  system  state
"at a glance" even from remote locations.

  • Detailed perspective:

The  user  in  proximity  to  the  Control  Unit  is  able  to inspect particular indications (e.g. of detectors) and to manage it (to confirm alarms, change par., etc.).
Thanks to its modularity Control Unit Sigma Control H provides a wide range of configurations and has no strict limits. It enables the finding of an optimal, custom-dependant solution in terms of performance and price for each, even the most demanding application.


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