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Gas cylinders with reference gases

Gas cylinders with reference gases

Gas mixtures are prepared pursuant to the gravimetric method (in line with the requirements of ISO 6142). The topmost care in preparation of mixtures combined with advanced technologies applied to manufacturing of cylinders and filling them with gas allows for the optimum accuracy of mixtures composition and the maximum achievable duration of the mixtures stability. The gas mixtures are typically used to check operability of gas detectors and to calibrate their characteristic curves. Beside easy available standard mixtures (that are mostly used to verify operation of gas detectors) also other dedicated mixtures can be provided according to individual recipes required by customers.

Cylinders with calibration gases need application of flow control valves with the constant or adjustable flow.

Gas cylinders delivered by our company are disposable and are accompanied with the following documents:

  • certificated of the gas composition analysis,
  • Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for the gas filling the cylinder.

Additional benefits:

  • Broad variety of gas mixtures and test gases,
  • Lightweight and handy cylinders, perfectly suitable for field applications,
  • Perfect accuracy of mixture blending owing to the gravimetric method of filling,
  • No rental fees for cylinders,
  • Easy-to-use equipment for filling of cylinders,
  • Cylinders are in compliance with effective European standards and regulations.