Reliable and Innovative Gas Safety Systems


1. At what height should gas detectors be installed in garages and underground car parks?

The height of the installation of devices depends on the specificity of the facility and the detected medium and it should be specified in the design, while it is assumed that in garages and underground car parks these are the following heights:

  • carbon monoxide detectors - CO should be installed at the height of the upper respiratory tract, i.e. about 1.2 - 1.7 m above the floor (typically 1.5 m),
  • nitrogen dioxide detectors - NO2 about 30 cm above the floor,
  • LPG detectors - similar to NO2 sensors, about 30 cm above the floor.

2. How often should gas detectors be calibrated?

Depending on the manufacturer, the frequency of calibration is different, however, it is recommended to do it at least once every 12 months.

3. How to properly choose an industrial gas detector?

The gas detector is selected on the basis of the detected medium, the place of its work (working conditions) and individual customer requirements. In order to facilitate this process, we have created a detector configurator where you can choose individual solutions.


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