Reliable and Innovative Gas Safety Systems
Product Code: PW-044A-SG

Gas Detector SmArtGas 3

Gas Detector SmArtGas 3

Device withdrawn from production


Gas Detector SmArtGas 3 is a device designed for the measurement of hazardous gas concentrations in potentially explosive atmospheres, where flammable gases, vapours and dust may be present.

Main features

  • variety of detected gases and vapours,
  • a wide ambient temperature range,
  • electrical interface options: RS-485, 4 ÷ 20 mA, relays,
  • with or without a local display,
  • enclosure options: aluminium alloy / stainless steel,
  • easy integration with other systems.


  • chemical and petrochemical plants, refineries (vapours
  • of gasoline, fuels),
  • gas stations, gas bottling plants (C2H2, C3H8),
  • gas plants (CH4),
  • breweries, distilleries (CO2, NH3, C2H5OH),
  • gardening (CO2, O2),
  • pharmaceutical industry,
  • waste-water treatment plants (H2S, CH4, CO2),
  • water treatment plants (Cl2, O3),
  • power plants (H2, CO).


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