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New gas detectors - Line 4.0

New gas detectors - Line 4.0

The Line 4.0 of gas detectors has been developed to replace our earlier detectors: Sigma SmArtSmArtGas3ProGasSigma ProGas and Sigma React. Detectors will now be available: SmArtGas 4ProGas 4 oraz ReAct 4. 


Key advantages of Line 4.0 Gas Detector:

  • Completely new electronic design
  • They have a new measuring head (either ‘FL’ or ‘FH’) which is the fruit of a three year development process. This new product offers greatly improved detection capabilities. A Line 4 detectors equipped with a pellistor sensor now offers a halved response time (T90)* and is rated among the fastest devices available on the market..
  • Detectors incorporate means for additional protection of measuring components against impacts of harsh working environment (water dust) by means of an additional teflon membrane. It is the solution that makes it possible to achieve the index of protection (IP) at the level of IP67.

The Line 4.0 detectors are fully compatible with existing systems. Detectors of the 4.0 product line can be operated either as components of the Gas Safety System Sigma Gas or as stand-alone devices that can be integrated with supervising systems of plant automation (e.g. by means of PLC signals 4..20 mA, RS-485 serial transmission line or actuating relays).

Withdrawn detectors

Equivalent to the detector in the new Line 4.0

Sigma SmArt

SmArtGas 4

Sigma ProGas

ProGas 4

Sigma React

ReAct 4