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Flame detectors in our offer!

Flame detectors in our offer!

Dear Customers,

We have a pleasure to let you know that Atest Gaz has just commenced cooperation with Fire & Gas Detection Technologies, a global company with a headquarter in the USA. It shall enable us to extend the scope of our offer with flame detectors.

Fire & Gas Detection Technologies i san American manufacturer of flame detectors based on the IR3 and UV-IR technologies. These devices are designed to detect fires of any type, e.g. fires of fuels and hydrocarbon gases, alcohols, hydrogen, metals and inorganic matters. They also enable detection of fast propagating explosions.

Our offer comprises eight various flame detectors and three flame simulator designed to verify operability and performance of flame detectors during commissioning and periodic system testing on site. We kindly invite you to get familiar with the new equipment offered by Atest Gaz!


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