Reliable and Innovative Gas Safety Systems

Atest Gaz nominated as the technical partner for the Safe Chemistry program

Atest Gaz nominated as the technical partner for the Safe Chemistry program

In our day-by-day business we are focused on issues related to measurement of gas composition with monitoring and detection of hazardous thresholds for various gases. We have majored in innovative Gas Safety Systems that are able to provide quick and dependable information about any danger from hazardous gases or about safe working conditions. Hence, our systems assure feeling of self-confidence when everything goes smoothly or may reliably warn about any hazardous circumstances.

That is why our business is perfectly incorporated into objectives of the ‘Safe Chemistry’ program, which solicited us to become its technical partner in May 2018.

The program called ‘Safe Chemistry’ is dedicated to broadly understood issues of safety at companies of the chemical sector. The key objectives of the program include:

  • Dissemination and promotion of Health and Safety principles among companies of the chemical sector;

  • Extensive awareness of occupational safety among companies that are members of the Polish Chamber of Chemical Industry;

  • Popularization of the most advanced standards in the field of occupational safety;

  • Dissemination of the best available practices in the field of occupational Health and Safety;

  • Enhancing awareness of Health & Safety and Fire Protection issues;

  • Informing the Program Partners about issues associated with the occupational safety and security of technological processes.

The group of strategic partners for the Safe Chemistry program includes PKN Orlen, plc., and Azoty Group. The program was covered by the honor patronage of the Commander-in-Chief of State Fire Brigades, brigadier general Mr. Wiesław Leśniakiewicz.