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HVAC - Teta Gas

The Teta System Configurator is a tool thanks to which you can choose a complete gas detection system intended for e.g. underground garages, halls heated by radiators or battery rooms. The configurator allows you to declare specific devices as well as the distance between them - as a result, you receive a list of devices and dedicated cabling.


Teta Gas System is a most advanced solution designed for detection of hazardous gases. The key advantage of the system is the concept of Digital Data Transmission – Teta Bus where only a single pair of wires is used to combine supplying of power voltage with addressable communication with gas detectors. The system can be deployed to monitor atmospheres of facilities, such as underground garages, and to protect lives or health of humans who stay therein and are exposed to hazards from hazardous gases – strongly poisoning CO or NO2 and also against flammable gases from LPG installations. Teta Gas is also used in halls heated by radiators or battery rooms.


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