Reliable and Innovative Gas Safety Systems
Product Code: PW-048-A

Control Unit Module MOD CNV PK420

Control Unit Module MOD CNV PK420

Device withdrawn from production!

The Control Unit Module MOD CNV PK420 enables extension of an existing Gas Safety System and is meant to convert an On/Off signals received from relay outputs of the Control Unit into a discrete signal 4..20 mA, whereas an active signal with the highest priority is transferred to the output of the module.

The unit produces a discrete output signal as an electric current within the range from 4 to 20 mA that enables wiring a Control Unit Module with a relay output to a Control System or a Control Unit that has an analog input 4..20 mA. Such a solution enables:

  • monitoring of a transmission line, where failures (shorts, line breaks) are distinguished from regular operation and an emergency alarm,
  • transmission of an input signal for further processing by a Control Unit (e.g. EcoAlpa, Alpa P17, MOD LED8, etc.).

For normal operation of the unit the PK FAILURE output of a control device wired to the MOD CNV PK420 module must be inverted to match the logic levels adopted for the solution when relevant inputs of the signal converter are closed, the module produces an output signal with the appropriate current amperage: